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On Fridays I hope to have a very brief post with a quick tip that I’ve discovered.  Today….pencils.

#2 was also diagnosed with dysgraphia, which is a difficult with writing.  At the beginning of 3rd grade just making letters was still quite difficult.  I discovered these big pencils at Target and Lakeshore Learning Store.


I’m sure there is some science behind why writing became easier with these bigger pencils, but sometimes I just go with it and move on.  If your child is having a hard time with letter formation and writing endurance, try them!


2 thoughts on “Pencils

  1. Hi Chrissy. Your blog is very inspiring. One thing, Kiron has a buddy on this baseball and hockey team who has what you describe for #2. If you would like to connect with the Dad who just finished a career change and teaching college, I can connect you. They wrote for a grant and their son now has a computer or special keyboard that enables him to get his writing accomplished with out the frustration of writing. They are fighting hard for resources to have him orally tested. He might be a nice person to share with. God Bless.

    • I’d love to connect with your friend, Priya! Thank you. Share my blog with him and perhaps he’d have some really fabulous insights for me (and anyone else). Thank you! I’m really interested in the grant writing. I haven’t heard of that before. Peace to you.

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