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Teach your kids to type and  provide a lot of time (years?) to practice.  Many children with dyslexia also have dysgraphia, which is a specific learning difficulty in handwriting.  For some reason dysgraphia does not effect drawing, violin playing, building with legos or typing.  Another one of those things that I suppose I should read about, but at this point I’m just going with what works.

My kids use the program Typing Instructor.  I like that I can manage the words per minute goal to give them a sense of accomplishment and prevent frustration.

And when frustration rears its ugly head, tell them stories about your typing class in high school….with real, actual typewriters.  They will look at you like you landed here from another planet when you describe the white-out sheet you had to use when you made a mistake.  It will make them quickly appreciate typing on a computer.


4 thoughts on “Typing

    • P-A-I-N-F-U-L-L-Y slow!!!! I can’t figure out who it’s the most painful for….me or the kids! My older two kids had piano lessons and still play string instruments, I do think this helps a little, but its still amazing how hard it is. My mom had really funny stories for them about when she took typing in high school. Its kind of the equivalent to the “you think you have it hard….I had to walk uphill in 2 feet of snow to school, both ways!”

  1. I wonder if a braille keyboard would be helpful. So far typing has been a non starter- more slow and frustrating than writing.

    • That is such an interesting thought! I bet the added sensory input of the Braille would be very helpful to some kids. I think I would only be concerned that is one more alphabet to learn!!!

      #1 and #2 are not fast typers at all. Some levels I set it to 5 words per minute so they can experience success and its not insurmountable. After awhile they go back and re-do the level at 10 WPM, and so on. Very slow progress. But, they enjoy typing in Microsoft Word because of autocorrect!

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